How to connect CalDav or CardDav to Outlook

To be able to connect a CalDav calendar or CardDav contacts you need the outlook CalDav synchronizer add-in. You may download it here.


The second thing you need is the info to connect with which may be found in the webmail of everyone emails at or, then you can get that information in the Calendar and Contacts page. You will need the bottom 2 links to your email and password.


Once the add-in is installed start by opening Outlook if not done already. Now for the fun part:


  1. Click on the CalDav Synchronizer tab atop outlook.
  2. Click on the synchronization profiles button.
  3. Create/Edit a profile by clicking on it.
  4. Select a folder from the current email account called either Calendar or Contacts.
  5. You need to see the advanced settings.
  6. Hit the "Get IMAP/POP3 account settings" button.
  7. Enter the Calendar or Contacts DAVURL.
  8. Test Connection if successful close by hitting "OK"

If the information provided from the button in step 6 is incorrect, please enter it manually to be sure the correct info is provided. This was tested with outlook 2017 and caldavsynchronizer version

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